MTCO manufactures and stocks a variety of CP Titanium powders in irregular shape manufactured by HDH method. Titanium powders are available according to customer’s specified particle size from Ti sponge fines or C.P. Ti scrap that processed as hydride-only and hydride-dehydride.

    Titanium sponges powder (HDHP-1 , 2, 3)

    Off-grade Ti sponge powder (HDHP-4)

    Titanium metal (scrap) powder (Flakes)  ( HDHP-5)

    Hydride Ti powder is semi-manufactured products of HDH Ti powder. As a kind of important raw material, it is used for Powder Metallurgy, Aluminum melting, raw material for producing Titanium Carbide and Titanium Nitride, material of reduction and Hydride reservation. MTCO can manufacture the powder according to customers’ requests and orders.

    MTCO is a major supplier of TITANIUM MILL PRODUCTS in China. We supply the following Titanium mill products: Titanium wires、Titanium billets and bars、Titanium plates and sheets、Titanium tubes and pipes、Titanium ingots、slabs、balls、Ferro-Titanium、Titanium powder、Titanium equipments、Titanium fasteners and all kinds of Titanium parts etc.