Metal Titanium Co., Ltd. (MTCO) is a major supplier of high quality Titanium metal powder in China. We manufacture a variety of Ti powders including hydride-dehydrogenated powder (HDH), C.P. Titanium sponge powder, hydride Ti powder, off-grade Ti sponge powder and Titanium metal (scrap) powder.

    Since established in 1995, MTCO has been devoted to raising its quality of products and strengthening the management in production. And now, MTCO has achieved ISO 9002 accreditation awarded by China Quality Certification Center for IMP & EXP Commodities. In the course of actual manufacturing, MTCO practices a stricter internal Quality Control System than ISO 9002 that has satisfied our customers’ request.

    From 2001 till now, we have accomplished three technological innovations in the production line of our old factory. In January, 2006, we built a new plant in Baoji Hi-tech development zone. At present, MTCO manufactures a variety of specification HDH C.P. Ti powder and the gross producing capability has reached up to 400-500 MT each year, and has become a major titanium metal powder supplier for the aerospace, defense, automobile parts, biomedical, medical, fireworks and metallurgical industries all over the world.

    MTCO’s mission is to apply advanced technology, experience and innovation to deliver quality products with competitive cost solutions to our customers.

    MTCO would like to cooperate and build up a long-standing business relationship with everyone who is interested in our products.